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Beer & Cider

We specialise in Belgian beer, with a diverse menu with specials revolving around the seasons and availability of rare finds. We also have a wide array of Local and international craft beers in stock every week from brilliant breweries like Lost and Grounded, Arbor Ales, Wiper & True, Good Chemistry Brewing, Electric Bear Brewing, Moor Beer, Burning Sky, Wild Beer Co, Deya, Verdant….the list goes on!

We have 8 draught keg lines with all other beers and ciders in bottle or can, all stored and served at their premium, and wherever possible served in the matching glassware. We also ensure we have a range of Gluten-Free beers every week, and almost all are our range is Vegan. We have a growing range of Low and No-Alcohol craft beers also.
Our ciders are sourced predominantly from our good friends at Pilton Cider, producers of artisan ciders using keeving. We also have specials on weekly.


Wine & Spirits

Our small wine list features small vineyards producing high quality wines, all hand picked with our local supplier Avery’s.

We stock a diverse range of premium spirits, featuring some local beauties such as our very own collaboration Gin with Psychopomp, Bristols finest distillery. We are constantly updating our range of premium rums, vodkas, whisky’s, and bourbons. Come explore!”

Our Drinks


Lost & Grounded ‘Keller Pils’
A crisp unfiltered German malt Pilsner

Lervig ‘House Party’
Bru-1 & Citra hops bring a grapefruit & pineapple kick with a juicy finish

Blanche De Bruxelles
Naturally opalescent with a dense white head made using soft wheat, coriander & orange peel 

Palm Belgian Amber
Honeylike mellowness from amber & palm malts with Kentish hops giving a pleasant bitter finish

Brugse ‘Zot’ Blonde
A big bodied blonde with subtle sweetness from 4 malts. Yeasty notes of banana & plum & light dry hops 

Westmalle Dubbel
A velvety, smooth dark Trappist beer loaded with notes of caramel and dark fruit

Kasteel Rouge
Kasteel’s dark quad with cherry liqueur. Rich & sweet. Pudding in a glass

Tripel Karmeliet
Made from oats, barley & wheat following a recipe dating back to 1600’s Smooth, light citrus with a touch of malt sweetness

Mongozo Pilsner
Brewed using only quality, organic & fair trade barley, rice & hops. Full flavoured, biscuity, crisp & refreshing

Vedett extra Pilsner
The perfect balance of saaz hops & lager yeast lingering fruitiness, subtle notes of vanilla with a dry kick

Augustiner Lagerbier Helles
Made according to German beer Purity laws, with all Bavarian hops & malt and a secondary fermentation. All make for a crisp, smooth beer with a lightly hoppy finish

Westmalle Extra
A light & refreshing top-fermented, golden beer with hints of fruit & spice. The primary beer consumed by the monks at the Abbey, & although it was the 1st beer brewed there in the 1800’s it was not made available to the public until 2010!

Delirium ‘Tremens’
Iconic, lively, alcohol forward and full bodied. Pear drops on the nose with hazy tones of honey, pepper & pine

La Chouffe
Achouffes Brewery’s flagship beer. A bright citrusy blonde, light on the hops with notes of Coriander

La Guillotine
Orange like aromas, sweet and fruity with a sharp bitter finish from Saaz, Brewers Gold and Amarillo hops

A mix of barley, oat & spelt give a creamy mouthfeel and dry-hopping accentuates the grassy floral hops A fresh bubbly blonde from the Averbode Abbey & Huyghe brewery, cold lagered & with typical Belgian yeast characteristics

Made using a meticulous 90 day process perfected over 100 years, Pilsner malt, Czech & Slovenian hops, Scottish Yeast & local water
Shimmering, pale, highly carbonated, zesty, clean & perfectly balanced

Vedett extra ordinary IPA
Dry hopping & four American hops give this beer its grapefruit kick & the malts it’s caramel backbone

De La Senne ‘Taras Bulba’
This light session blonde uses heavily aromatic hops giving citrus on the nose and a dry finish

Wiper & True ‘Lemondrop Hill’
Zesty Lemon & floral notes from Lemondrop hops with a touch of pine & subtle minerality

Delirium ‘Argentum’
Full bodied, dominated with citrus & spices. Mild bitterness with hints of muscovado & malt

Paulaner Weissbier München
Naturally cloudy & gold, a benchmark of the style. A sparkling mix of sweet tropical fruit & mild bitter cloves

Mongozo Buckwheat
Brewed using buckwheat, rice, orange peel & coriander. Organic, fair trade & refreshing with a light acidity

La Trappe Witte
The only white Trappist ale. Pure in it’s nature focused on the wheat, water, saphir hops & continued fermentation in bottle. Simple, sparkling, citrusy, light & dry

Paulaner Weissbier Dunkel
Toasted dark wheat gives this it’s chestnut colour and smooth notes of cocoa, almonds & banana

Floris Framboise
Wheat beer with 25% raspberry juice. Tangy berries play well with the beer’s coriander & orange

Floris Honey
Blended with three types of Belgian flower-honey. Mellow sweetness with a hint of bitterness

Mongozo Mango
Fair-trade, organic & made with Brazilian mangos. A refreshing, sweet & highly session-able beer

Mongozo Banana
Brewed in accordance with a traditional Masai recipe. Baked candied bananas with a pleasant ‘beery’ finish

Mongozo Coconut
An exotic, creamy, coconut-sweet, wit fruit beer. Perfect with curry or desserts & of course, fair-trade

Fruli Strawberry
A classic wit beer with orange & coriander with sweet strawberry juice added before a 2nd fermentation. ½ smoothie ½ beer

Lindemans Pecheresse
A young lambic blended with plenty of fresh peach juice. Sweet stone fruits with only a hint of sourness & sin

Duchesse De Bourgogne Chocolate Cherry
Belgian cherries & chocolate are added before oak maturation A great paring with the Duchesses’s notes of coffee & balsamic

Kriek Boon
Young & old lambics, aged in old oak with fresh cherries A full on real sour cherry kick with hints of oak & vanilla

Tilquin Rhubarb A L’Ancienne
240g of fresh rhubarb from local Bosse Jauque Farm per litre of Tilquin’s A L’Ancienne, further aged for 4 months in barrel & 3 months in bottle. Super tart, grassy, dry oak, unsweetened green apples, gooseberries & of course rhubarb

Tilquin Mure A L’Ancienne
260g of blackberries per litre of Tilquin’s A L’Ancienne further aged for 4 months in barrel & 3 months in bottle. Sharp dark/red berries & brambles, earthy, all undercut by citrus & wood

Tilquin Quetsche A L’Ancienne
260g of fresh purple plums from Alsace per litre of Tilquin’s A L’Ancienne further aged for 4 months in barrel & 3 months in bottle. Super sour damsons & greengages, subtle minerality, wheat & plum skins

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek
A premium all natural kriek from an iconic brewery over a year in the making. Packed with mountains of sour cherries, with notes of lemon zest, cinnamon, almond & all the funk you’d expect

Duchesse De Bourgogne
A blend of 8 & 18 month oak matured dark ale Notes of cherry, apple & balsamic. Named in honour of Mary of Burgundy

Rodenbach Grand Cru
A blend with up to 2 year brandy-oak matured red ale Tart & reminiscent of red wine. A perfect example of a style drank since the middle ages

Lindemans Faro
A fresh amber Lambic blended with ‘candi sugar’ before bottling Tart but with wine gum sweetness. The perfect entry level sour

Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait
An Oude Geuze with a 3 year old-oak aged lambic at it’s heart With bottles being aged up to 20 years it is often referred to as the Champagne of Brussels Soft, smoky with hints of grapefruit, cloves & vanilla

Gueuze Tilquin A L’Ancienne
A blend of 1, 2 & 3 year old lambics from the likes of Girardin & Cantillon. This beers long newer oak maturation lends this lambic a unique oaky dryness

3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze
A perfect example of an Oude Geuze from a master blender, packed with lemon sherbet notes & all the funk you’d expect. 3:2 barley & wheat, aged hops & water. Spontaneously fermented, oak aged & blended at 1, 2 & 3 years & finally bottle aged

3 Fonteinen Tuverbol
This ambitious beer is a 1:9 blend of Belgian Tripel and a young Lambic Sharp, funky aromas & flavours dominate with a lemony edge and an earthy finish

Saison Dupont
A pioneer of the style, brewed over winter to quench the thirst of the workers in the summer fields. Zesty hops with a prolonged fermentation giving it it’s signature ‘twang’

Lost & Grounded ‘Saison D’Avon’
Pils malt, wheat, oats, Savinjski Goldings & Chinook hops with a touch of grains of paradise for spice. Fruity, floral & clean. A soft & delicious local rendition of a Saison!

Wiper & True ‘Abundance’
A slow-matured mixed fermentation beer made with elderflowers & natural yeasts from their Wiltshire cider orchard. A complex, crisp, ester-filled Saison with floral notes

Rochefort Triple
Released in 2020, a pale golden beer with a recipe dating back 100 years Light hops, orange & spices with a sweet bready finish & minerality from water drawn from the monastery’s well. Brewed in antique brass kettles, long fermented & then again in bottle

Westmalle Tripel
Known as the ‘mother of tripels’ & represents the style in it’s purest form Simply water, barley malt, hops, candi sugar, the Abbeys signature yeast, brewed, & double fermented. Soft, creamy & boozy with fruity aromas & balanced bitterness

La Trappe
Since the 1800’s the Abbey has been brewing beer with a focus on purity, sustainability & patience. A rich spicy Tripel with notes of yeast, coriander & herbs with a clean dry fresh finish

Straffe Hendrik Tripel
Amber, med hops & brewed by Bruge’s Half Moon brewery using six types of malt The range was introduced by Véronique Maes in 1981, one of Belgiums 1st female brewers, in . honour of the many ‘Strong Henri’s’ from the breweries history. Brioche, hops, sweet & boozy

Founded in 1070, the abbey’s name (Golden Valley) & coat of arms stem from the myth of a lost ring returned to a pious widow by a Trout living in the abbey spring. The use of the same spring water, dry hopping & lambic yeasts gives this dry cloudy amber notes of fruit, leather, earth & spice. 1st brewed in the 1930’s it was the 1st Trappist beer sold nationally

Pauwel Kwak
Named after an 18th century brewer & inn-keeper, who designed it’s iconic glass to fit on the coachman’s carriages stopping at his inn. A rich amber with subtle aromas of mango, banana and dry hints of caramel, licorice & coriander. Also rumour is, that at a certain point you may take a sip and hear quiet ‘kwak’ coming from your beer!

St. Bernardus Pater 6
Notes of melon and banana. An abbey style dubbel

Brugse Zot Dubbel
Brewed with 6 types of malt, rich in flavour

St Bernardus Abt 12
Dark stone fruit, fruit cake and toasted nuts

Kasteel Donker
Full bodied, caramel, coffee, and chocolate

Straffe Hendrik Quadruple
Dark cherry, complex and fruit cake notes

Rochefort 10
Fruitcake, licorice, cocoa, and banana. Trappist

Delirium ‘Nocturnum’
Strong dark beer. Triple fermented with a roasted malt flavour and a hint of sweetness

Guinness Belgian Export
Created after WW2 specifically for the Belgian market All the liquorice, butterscotch & vanilla of a classic Irish stout with a fiercer punch and sweeter aftertaste

Chimay Blue
Trappist. Bread dough, toffee, and caramel notes

Malty, dry with a hint of sweetness. Lagered in oak casks

Lervig, ‘Driving home for Christmas’
All the malty, dark roast & spice of a Xmas beers, but with none of the alcohol!

Brouwerij De Ranke Père Noёl 
A more savoury Xmas beer with big hits of bitter caramel, hops & liquorice

Delirium, Noёl
A strong spicy little number. Raisin & burnt butterscotch with a bitter finish

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale
An intense Xmas beer made with the breweries signature yeasts Similar to their quad but with hints of anise, apricots, caramel, chestnuts & chocolate

N’ice Chouffe
A warming winter beer; slightly hoppy, dominated by thyme & orange peel

De Dolle, Stille Nacht
Definitely something special from the ‘mad brewers’, having the highest density of any Belgian beer. Painstakingly brewed with pale malt, candi sugar & balanced with nugget hops. Full of warm cinnamon like spices, sweet sticky toffee & fig pudding and fruity banana yeast esters. Just Wow… 

Delirium ‘Tremens’
A large sharing bottle of this iconic, lively, alcohol forward blonde. Pear drops on the nose with hazy tones of honey, pepper & pine

Burning Sky Cuvee Kriek
A blend of three mixed fermentation beers of different ages, with Dutch cherries and aged further in cask & bottle. A homage to the great Krieks, with full on sour cherries, subtle almond flavours and balanced acidity

3 Fonteinen Druif Dornfelder
Made with over 50% grape juice from the dark skinned Dornfelder grapes from Flanders. Several blends, multiple long fermentations in oak & final bottle conditioning result in a lambic resembling a full bodied sour red, with tons of oak, umami & funk

Oliver’s La Saison Des Poires
Made from a mellow hopped, pils malt forward saison & co-fermented with a spontaneously fermented Perry, and then matured & bottle conditioned The dry ester’s from the wild yeast dominate but gradually give way to fruity notes of fresh pears

Delirium Black, Barrel Aged
A blend of Delirium’s Nocturnum & Noel aged in Buffalo Trace barrels for 9 months. Hints of caramel & wood with an almondy aftertaste. Sublime…


The Boar, Riesling
Named after the mischievous wild boar that steal the vineyard’s grapes. Dry. Bright citrus notes with hints of ripe peach & green apple 

Le Champ des Etoiles, Chardonnay
Made in classic Mâcon-Villages style. Medium. Creamy, stone fruits, oak & a natural minerality

Vignobles Canet, Picpoul de Pinet
A great iteration of this varietal from a talented Dutch winemaker Dry, zingy & lemony fresh!


Il Brutto, Primitivo/Negroamaro
From old Italian vines with an intimidating & gnarly appearance, hence the name Ripe brambles & damson, with hints of savoury herbs & spices. Medium tannins

Coco Rôtie, Shiraz/Viognier
A new world take on a Rhône classic. Old vines, traditional methods & 12 months in oak make for an elegant wine full of dark red & stone fruits, violets & a lavish oak complexity. Soft tannins

Amancaya, Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon
A collab between one of Mendoza’s most celebrated producers and the renowned Rothschild’s Château Lafite. Bright notes of strawberry & cassis, with hints of graphite & coffee. Full tannins

Premier Bain, Gamay
A unique pale Rose from a region renowned for its light reds Cherry & red berry notes with citrusy freshness & a hint of pink peppercorn

Alessandro Gallici, Prosecco
As classic as proseccos come. Pears, apples, citrus, and fresh bread

Averys Special Brut Cuvée, Champagne
One of the best wine merchant own labels you will taste Made for them by the Boizel Champagne house for over 50 years. Biscuit & brioche aromas, elegant citrus and intense orchard fruits and a luxurious stream of fine, persistent bubbles.


Hogan’s High Sobriety (Low Alcohol)
Balanced, sparkling, not too dry & not too sweet

Pilton Original Cider
Rosie, medium sweet, light & refreshing

Hogan’s Dry Cider
A traditional dry cider with smokey notes

Pilton Star Ship
A dry fruity keeved cider with fermented blackcurrants, greengages, gooseberries, redcurrants, whitecurrants & cherries


Classic London dry style gin

Braeckman’s, Old Grain Jenever
Sweeter in style, jenever, gins precursor uses a certain portion of ‘malt wine in it’s production. This Oude jenever from the historic distillery in Flanders uses 25% malt wine aged in American oak for 6 years. Perfect with ginger ale.

The Strawberry Thief
Dry style made in collaboration with Psychopomp distillery Juniper, strawberry, calendula, angelica, hawthorn, liquorice, coriander, borage, marigold, lemon and dandelion leaf

Lindermans Red
Distilled with classic botanicals and Linderman’s own oude kriek cherry lambic A punchy dry herbal gin with a unique cherry sourness on the finish

Delerium Tremens beer is added in a unique distilling process giving this gin it sweet, piney, herbal nature with all the kick you would expect from the pink elephant

Monkey 47
An unusual & complex gin from the Black Forest with 47 botanicals including lingonberries, almonds, jasmine & spruce


Ketel One
Round, smooth texture. A touch of grainy sweetness with a cracker-dry finish


Appleton Estate Signature Blend
Crafted to represent the epitome of a Jamaican gold rum

Goslings Black Seal
An iconic dark rum known across the world

El Dorado 3yr
A smooth white rum with hints of butterscotch, perfect for mixing

Four Square
A cinnamon forward classic spiced rum

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva
Dark, aged rum. Rich, sweet and fruity

Whisky/World Whiskey

Monkey Shoulder
A blend of 3 iconic Speyside single malts

Four Roses
Classic Kentucky Straight Bourbon

A benchmark of the style with strong connections to New Orleans Spicy & full of character, great by itself or with a mixer

Nikka From the Barrel
From Japan’s 2nd biggest distiller with a long history of making Scottish inspired whiskys. Blended from over 100 carefully selected barrels

St Feuillien Triple Distilled Malt
Made in the style of an Irish whiskey from the same malted barley as the breweries Tripel and aged in 1st fill Bourbon barrels for 6 months

Duvel Distilled
Created in celebration of the breweries 150th year anniversary it’s beers malt base is double distilled and then aged for 10 years, 1st in bourbon & sherry and then Sicilian marsala casks. The end product is a malted barley spirit with notes of vanilla, spice, dried stone fruits and all the refinement of the beer it celebrates


El Tequileno Reposado
A 100% Agave Tequila aged in oak for 3 months

Montelobos Joven
Espadin. Smoky. Spices, herbaceous and oaky


Saliza Amaretto
Almond liqueur with toffee and caramel notes

Gouden Carolus Belgian Cream
A cream liqueur made from one of Belgium’s few single malts, in turn made from the malt for their Tripel beer. Sweet with full on vanilla, with a touch of oak & smoke

A brandy & honey based herbal liqueur dating back to the 1800s

Maxime Trijol Grande Cognac
Fruity & floral with a long-lasting gaiety

Somerset Cider Brandy 3yr
Distilled from west country cider apples aged in oak

Green Chartreuse
The legendary herbal liqueur made by Carthusian Monks from 130 different herbs & roots since 1605

Hogan’s Apple Brandy
Made from English cider apples slowly fermented over several months, then copper pot distilled and finally oak cask matured for three years, allowing plenty of rich honey and spice notes to mingle with the appley core